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One Page Website Template

One Page is a professional and creative one-page Webflow template designed for business one-page and landing page websites. It is perfectly suited for Consulting, Creative, Solutions, Marketing, Modern, Corporate, Industrial, Multipurpose, Software, and Startup applications.

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Photography Website Template

Photography Two is a Creative Photography Webflow Template designed for professional studios and photographers. This versatile template offers a complete solution for creating stunning and effective photography websites.

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Construction Website Template

Construction is Creative Professional Webflow Template for Construction and Industry websites, as well for building, renovation, engineering, interior, industrial websites.

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Spa Website Template

SPA is a Beauty Spa, Salon and Wellness Treatments Webflow Template, packed-up with niche functionalities and blocks. It includes unique service pages that will suit your service requirements, also such unique and specially dedicated pages as – Our Spa, Experts, Treatments, Location, Pricing, Membership, Gift Proposals, Packages, a lot of Service pages and everything else required to successfully create Spa website.

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Medical Website Template

Medical is a professional website Webflow template for medical and healthcare websites. It also suits for clinic, dental, doctor, health, hospital, medicine, nurse, senior care, therapy and pediatric websites.

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Painting Services Website Template

The Painting 128 - Painting Services Website Template is a visually appealing website template designed for painting companies and professional painters.

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Architecture Website Template

The Parallel 128 - Architecture Studio Website Template is a sophisticated, modern website template crafted for architecture studios and professionals

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Interior Design Website Template

Glasi 128: Elegant interior design website template with modern aesthetics, showcasing portfolios, services, and seamless user experience for design enthusiasts

In the interior design sector, creating a captivating online presence is as crucial as the aesthetics of the spaces you design. The right website template doesn't just display your portfolio; it mirrors your creative vision and ethos. 

In 2024, the best interior design website templates have evolved, offering more than just a digital canvas – they are a harmonious blend of functionality and style. This collection, designed exclusively with Webflow CMS, showcases the crème de la crème of templates for interior designers. Whether you are a seasoned designer or a fresh talent in the industry, these templates cater to every style and need, from luxurious and elegant to modern and minimalist. 

Dive in to find the perfect template that not only showcases your projects but tells your unique design story, elevating your online presence to new heights.

Interior Design Website Template Main Features

Visual Storytelling: Showcases interior design projects through high-quality images and videos.

Responsive Design: Ensures a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes.

E-commerce Integration: For designers selling products or services directly from their site.

Interactive Elements: Engaging features like hover effects, galleries, and virtual tours.

SEO Optimization: Ensures high visibility and ranking on search engines.

Customization Flexibility: Allows personalization to reflect individual design style.

Blog Integration: For sharing design tips, trends, and portfolio updates.

Client Testimonial Sections: To display reviews and endorsements.

Best Interior Design Website Templates We Recommend

Let's explore the top interior design templates of 2024. Discover the template that resonates with your design philosophy and enhances your digital footprint.


Glasi - Interior Design Website Templates
Source: Webflow

Glasi stands out with its sleek, modern layout, ideal for showcasing high-end interior design projects. The template's clean lines and minimalist approach put your work front and center, ensuring visitors focus on your designs. Perfect for interior designers seeking a sophisticated online presence, Glasi 128 blends elegance with functionality.

Main Features:

  • Minimalist and sophisticated design.
  • High-quality image galleries for project display.
  • Easy-to-use navigation structure.

Sono W

Sono - Interior Design Website Templates
Source: Webflow

Sono W merges architectural prowess with interior design elegance. It's perfect for professionals who want a website that speaks volumes about their architectural and interior expertise. With its crisp design and immersive photo galleries, Sonow is the go-to choice for designers aiming to make a bold statement.

Main Features:

  • Integrated project showcase sections.
  • Responsive layout for all devices.
  • Architectural and interior design focus.


Interiorry is a testament to elegance and functionality, ideal for showcasing a wide range of interior design styles. Its layout is both intuitive and visually appealing, offering an immersive experience for visitors. This template is perfect for designers who aim to create a compelling narrative around their projects.

Main Features:

  • Elegant and versatile design layout.
  • Intuitive navigation for an enhanced user experience.
  • Dynamic galleries to showcase diverse design projects.


Interio - Interior Design Website Templates
Source: Webflow

Interio brings a fresh and contemporary approach to interior design presentations. Its striking visuals and dynamic layout are perfect for designers who want to make a bold, artistic statement. This template is an excellent choice for showcasing avant-garde designs and innovative interior solutions.

Main Features:

  • Contemporary and artistic design.
  • Engaging visual elements and animations.
  • Focus on innovative and modern interior solutions.


Dinter - Interior Design Website Templates
Source: Webflow

Dinter is crafted for those who appreciate the nuances of interior design. Its refined layout and attention to detail make it an ideal choice for showcasing luxury and high-end design projects. The template offers a sophisticated online presence that mirrors the quality of your work.

Main Features:

  • Luxurious and refined design style.
  • High-definition galleries for showcasing premium projects.
  • Tailored for high-end interior design presentations.


Reykjavik - Interior Design Website Templates
Source: Webflow

Reykjavik is inspired by the minimalist and functional aesthetic of Nordic design. Its clean and crisp layout is perfect for designers who favor simplicity and elegance. This template is well-suited for showcasing a portfolio that speaks volumes through its understated sophistication.

Main Features:

  • Minimalist Nordic-inspired design.
  • Crisp and clean layout for easy navigation.
  • Ideal for simple, elegant interior design styles.


ShabbyChic - Interior Design Website Templates
Source: Webflow

ShabbyChic is the epitome of vintage charm and modern functionality. This template is designed for interior designers who specialize in creating spaces with a rustic, vintage appeal. Its unique layout and design elements are perfect for showcasing a portfolio with a nostalgic touch.

Main Features:

  • Vintage and rustic design elements.
  • Unique layout to highlight shabby chic styles.
  • Perfect for portfolios with a nostalgic touch.


Decoral - Interior Design Website Templates
Source: Webflow

Decoral is a vibrant and dynamic template, suitable for designers who love to experiment with colors and patterns. This template's lively design and interactive elements make it an exciting choice for showcasing bold and colorful interior design projects.

Main Features:

  • Vibrant and colorful design.
  • Interactive elements for engaging user experience.
  • Ideal for bold and experimental design styles.


Inner - Interior Design Website Templates
Source: Webflow

Inner focuses on creating a serene and tranquil online space, reflecting calmness and simplicity. This template is perfect for designers whose work emphasizes tranquility and mindfulness in interior spaces. Its soothing design and layout create a peaceful online user experience.

Main Features:

  • Serene and tranquil design theme.
  • Soothing color palette and layout.
  • Emphasizes calmness and simplicity in interior design.

Decoration X 

Decoration X is a blend of modernity and sophistication, ideal for showcasing cutting-edge interior design projects. Its sleek layout and innovative design elements make it a top choice for designers who are at the forefront of interior design trends.

Main Features:

  • Modern and sophisticated design.
  • Sleek layout with innovative elements.
  • Tailored for cutting-edge interior design projects.


Eustoma offers a blend of elegance and organic design, perfect for showcasing eco-friendly and sustainable interior projects. Its earthy tones and nature-inspired elements appeal to designers focused on green living spaces. This template provides a refreshing and nurturing online presence.

Main Features:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable design focus.
  • Earthy tones and nature-inspired elements.
  • Ideal for showcasing green and sustainable interiors.


Interno is designed for those who appreciate the subtleties of minimalism. Its clean lines, monochromatic color scheme, and uncluttered layout are perfect for designers who create spaces that speak in quiet tones of elegance. Interno is the epitome of less is more.

Main Features:

  • Minimalist design with clean lines.
  • Monochromatic color scheme for a sleek look.
  • Uncluttered layout, embodying the principle of 'less is more'.


Inroom is a versatile template that caters to a broad spectrum of interior design styles. From contemporary to classic, this template's adaptable layout and design elements make it a perfect fit for showcasing diverse interior projects with flair and functionality.

Main Features:

  • Versatile layout suitable for various design styles.
  • Adaptable design elements to suit any project.
  • Functional and user-friendly interface.


ArcStudio is crafted for interior designers with a flair for architectural elements. Its structured layout and emphasis on geometric forms make it ideal for showcasing spaces where architecture and interior design converge. This template is a celebration of form and function.

Main Features:

  • Emphasis on architectural and geometric forms.
  • Structured layout highlighting spatial design.
  • Ideal for showcasing architecturally significant interiors.


Abode embodies a homely and welcoming feel, perfect for interior designers specializing in residential spaces. Its warm color palette and inviting layout make it ideal for showcasing cozy, family-friendly interiors. Abode is about creating a sense of home online.

Main Features:

  • Warm and inviting design.
  • Ideal for residential and family-friendly spaces.
  • Cozy color palette and homely layout.


Renovatio stands out as a beacon for modern interior design professionals seeking a blend of elegance and functionality in their online presence. Designed with a keen eye for detail, this template perfectly balances aesthetic appeal with practical features, ensuring your projects are the center of attention. Its clean, minimalist layout accentuates the beauty of your work, while intuitive navigation guides visitors through your portfolio effortlessly.

Main Features:

  • Sleek, minimalist design that highlights your projects
  • Easy-to-navigate portfolio sections for showcasing your work
  • Responsive design for optimal viewing on any device


Emaurri is a testament to sophistication and versatility, offering interior designers and architects a platform that truly reflects their craft. The template's robust framework and dynamic layouts provide the perfect canvas for creativity, allowing you to present your projects in a visually engaging manner. With Emaurri, your website becomes an extension of your design philosophy, inviting visitors to explore your world of interior design.

Main Features:

  • Dynamic layouts for a visually engaging presentation
  • Comprehensive project pages to detail your design process
  • Customizable features to tailor your site to your brand


Balance encapsulates the essence of harmony and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for interior designers who value both aesthetics and functionality. This template offers a serene backdrop to showcase your work, with ample space for high-quality images and detailed project descriptions. Its user-friendly interface ensures that visitors can easily navigate through your portfolio, engaging with your designs on a deeper level.

Main Features:

  • Serene design aesthetic for a calming user experience
  • High-quality image galleries to showcase your projects
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation


Archi is a powerhouse of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it one of the best interior design website templates for showcasing a wide array of projects. With its stunning visual layouts and attention to detail, Archi offers a platform where every project can shine. Designed for both seasoned professionals and emerging designers, this template ensures your portfolio not only looks exceptional but also resonates with your audience.

Main Features:

  • Stunning visual layouts that make each project stand out
  • Versatile gallery options to display high-quality images
  • Advanced customization capabilities to reflect your unique style


Ratio brings a bold approach to the world of interior design websites, emphasizing strength, clarity, and precision. Ideal for professionals in architecture, construction, and interior design, this template stands out for its robust features and dynamic presentation capabilities. Ratio is designed to showcase large-scale projects, making it the perfect canvas for those who wish to highlight their ability to transform spaces.

Main Features:

  • Bold and dynamic design for showcasing large-scale projects
  • Comprehensive project detail pages for a thorough presentation
  • Customizable layouts and features to suit various design styles


Cozy offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, embodying the essence of home and comfort. This template is perfect for interior designers who specialize in creating spaces that evoke a sense of belonging and relaxation. With its user-friendly design and elegant aesthetic, Cozy ensures that your projects are presented in a way that makes visitors feel right at home.

Main Features:

  • Warm and inviting design aesthetic
  • User-friendly layout for easy exploration of projects
  • Elegant portfolio sections that highlight the beauty of your designs


Entré stands as an epitome of elegance and sophistication, catering to interior designers and architects with a refined taste. This template is designed to showcase your most prestigious projects, providing a luxurious backdrop that complements the high-end nature of your work. Entré's seamless navigation and striking visual elements make it a top choice for professionals who aim to impress at first glance.

Main Features:

  • Luxurious design to complement high-end projects
  • Seamless navigation for an optimal user experience
  • Striking visual elements that capture attention


Ambient is a testament to contemporary design, offering a sleek and modern platform for interior designers and architects. This template is perfect for showcasing innovative projects and cutting-edge design concepts. With Ambient, your website becomes a reflection of your forward-thinking approach, engaging visitors with its clean lines, modern typography, and interactive elements.

Main Features:

  • Sleek and modern design for a contemporary feel
  • Interactive elements to engage visitors
  • Clean lines and modern typography that highlight your projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good interior design website template?

A good interior design template should balance aesthetic appeal with functionality. It must showcase high-quality images, offer a user-friendly layout, and be responsive across devices.

Can I sell products directly from these templates?

Yes, many of these templates are e-commerce enabled, allowing you to sell products or services directly.

Are these templates SEO-friendly?

Absolutely, these templates are designed to be SEO-friendly to enhance your website's visibility and search engine ranking.

How customizable are these Webflow templates?

Webflow templates offer extensive customization options to match your specific branding and design style.

Do these templates support blogging?

Yes, most templates include integrated blogging capabilities for sharing design insights and updates.


To conclude, the curated list of the best interior design website templates for 2024 is a testament to how vital a well-crafted website is in the interior design industry. These templates, each uniquely tailored with Webflow CMS, offer a blend of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that your online presence is as compelling as your design work. Whether highlighting a portfolio, selling services, or sharing design insights, these templates are equipped to elevate your digital presence. 

They are not just tools but partners in narrating your design story, helping you connect with clients, and carving your niche in the ever-evolving world of interior design. Choose your template and embark on a journey to transform your online identity into a mirror of your creative vision.