It’s safe to say that finalizing your website's design and overall look and feel is by far the hardest part of building a website. It’s not that it’s technically hard, but just the sheer amount of designs available online can overwhelm anyone. 

Especially in Webflow, the focus on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) has brought forward some neat and imaginative website designs from artists. And yes, we mean artists. Because as it’ll be clear from our list of compiled website designs below, there’s clearly no lack of creativity going around. 

So, how do you choose a design for your website in this case? Well, read till the end. After showcasing a list of some stunning webflow websites examples, we also present a way forward. 

Let’s begin!

Common Questions About Webflow

Let’s first dive into some common questions users have about Webflow Websites. 

  1. What Websites Use Webflow?

Many renowned companies use Webflow for their sites. Especially digital-first companies whose first interaction with customers is through their site opt for Webflow because of the interactive designs available. Some popular websites using webflow include,,,,, etc. 

  1. Is Webflow Good for Websites?

Yes, Webflow is a completely sound choice. First, it meets all of the basic requirements you need. Second, Webflow is popular because of its focus on visual and interactive web design without much coding required. If UI/UX design is important to you, then Webflow is a perfect choice. 

  1. Is Webflow or Wix Better?

Both Webflow and Wix live up to expectations and are equally great. But like the Webflow vs Squarespace debate, there are some specific details to think about. Most notably, Webflow sites are faster and allow for more customization. 

For developers requiring a certain amount of control in customizing for user experience, Webflow might be a better option. But in other cases where you might do just fine with a simple Wix template, Wix shouldn’t be ruled out, either. 

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Have a Webflow Website?

Webflow’s basic pricing plan starts at $14/month for a regular site and $29/month for an e-commerce site. 

However, additional costs make it difficult to pinpoint an exact figure. 

Costs vary depending on if you’re looking to hire a developer, content/copywriter, SEO expert, etc. But generally, if you start simple with just a basic site, Webflow websites are affordable and will not add up to thousands of dollars in cost. 

  1. How to Create a Webflow Website?

It’s quite simple! Here are a few simple steps to get started on your Webflow website:

  • Start with a Sitemap in mind.
  • Finalize what content will go on each page.
  • Finalize a Webflow template.
  • Get up to speed on the Webflow site builder.
  • Test for responsive design (checking different mobile and PC devices).
  • Add a CTA.
  • Learn how to use the Webflow CMS.
  • You’re done! The site is ready to go live.
  1. What Makes a Good Webflow Website?

The very best Webflow websites include everything a website generally should include. 

Some key principles that make a website ‘good’ are: 

  1. A clear description of what the site is about.
  2. Easy to navigate and use (accomplished through a focus on UI/UX design).
  3. Testimonials from customers.
  4. Updated contact information.
  5. Quality and helpful content.
  6. Optimized for search.

Top 15 Webflow Websites of 2022

  1. Anrok
webflow modern website design idea
Source: Anorak

We’re kicking off the list with a clean, elegant, easy-to-use Webflow design. Anorak’s use of white space to deliver a lot of information within a single frame stands out. 

The minute you land on the home page, you: 

  • Know what the site is about
  • Develop a level of trust because of the companies associated with the brand
  • Also, get a sense of what the software looks like. 
webflow pop art design
Source: DONUTS

The pop, artsy, interactive, and generally enjoyable feeling you get with the DONUTS site design reflects the power of Webflow websites. There’s a lot you can do with just minimal coding required. Something which is not readily available with other options in the market. Also, the theme can be the perfect inspiration for food brands looking to build a webflow ecommerce site

  1. Pizza vs. Burger
interactive webflow design themes
Source: Pizza vs. Burger

The Pizza vs. Burger site design is the perfect example of the interactivity possible with websites using Webflow. And it’s something that’s not readily available with competitors, which is a takeaway during comparisons such as the Webflow vs. Squarespace debate

Again, with Webflow, this is possible without much coding. We encourage you to visit the site to understand why it’s made it on the list. But generally speaking, the site lets you vote between a Pizza and a Burger with a boy in the center following you around while his eyes move when you move your cursor. 

  1. Finsweet
easy navigation webflow theme
Source: Finsweet

If you’re looking for Webflow templates for an agency you want to start, the Finsweet site can provide some inspiration. While attention to detail is paid to the overall site, the homepage is intentionally kept simple. If you visit the site and start exploring, you start witnessing what you can actually do with a Website built on Webflow. 

  1. byPeople
animated webflow themes 2022
Source: byPeople

The byPeople website design mixes text and video to create a simple yet powerful User Experience. You get most of the information about the site on the first page, and you’re tempted to scroll further down to see the video and what else the site has to offer. 

  1. Tya 128
webflow architecture template
Source: Tya

For an architect, showcasing the work on a website is no simple task. People will expect the website design to reflect a unique look and feel to it. Without knowing it, the website is an extension of the architect’s sense of design and creativity. 

Keeping all of this in mind, Cuts is one of the go-to Webflow templates for architects. The landing page is simple and yet delivers the message. As you scroll, the interactive nature of the website lets you showcase your work through a unique user experience. Because it’s available as a template, a clone Webflow website using this template can also be created. 

  1. Renuvo
resume website template‍
Source: Renuvo

If you’re a freelancer, independent worker, or just looking to showcase your resume digitally, Renuvo is the go-to Webflow template. It delivers important information quickly and has a stunning UX design to keep the viewer engaged. 

  1. Luma
free webflow template‍
Source: Luma

Luma is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a free Webflow template that has all of the important elements that an ideal Webflow showcase site should. The template is made for the retail industry and can be customized according to your needs. 

  1. Cuts
webflow template for architects‍
Source: Cuts

Cuts is another theme built for architects with a very minimalistic design. While the landing page seems simple on the surface, it offers a lot of interactivity as you start scrolling. It’s perfect for showcasing your portfolio while keeping things simple. 

  1. Aarland
webflow template for digital agencies
Source: Aarland

Aarland does the job if you’re looking for some web design inspiration. The site uses animations to keep the user engaged. The information reveals itself as you keep on scrolling. It’s sort of like a presentation you control. 

  1. Monograph Communications
monochromatic website template
Source: Monograph

The Monograph communications Webflow template provides a simple yet effective way to create a site. It has a unique tone of colors that can be modified according to your needs. If you’re looking for a clone Webflow site you can play around with, Monograph communication is a viable option. 

  1. Framy
fashion ecommerce web template
Source: Framy

Built specifically for fashion lifestyle brands, the Framy Webflow template leverages animations. While the landing page is simple, the template lets the Webflow ecommerce store display its products through a minimalistic design. 

  1. Tacos
restaurant webflow theme‍
Source: Tacos

Tacos is one of the best Webflow websites for restaurants or food brands looking for a more laid-back and casual site design. The landing page delivers most of the information quickly. And as the user scrolls through, interactive design elements keep the user engaged. It’s available as a Webflow template for anyone looking to build a similar site. 

  1. 88settle
webflow construction theme‍
Source: 88settle

There’s a very specific way real-estate agencies will look to showcase the projects they’re working on. 88settle is built specifically for this purpose. It includes sections for listings, apartments for sale, ongoing projects, testimonials, etc. To add to that, the website has a very clean and minimalistic feel to it. This helps present all of the information effectively. 

  1. Chiara Luzzana
webflow theme for musicians
Source: Chiara Luzzana

If you’re a musician looking for some design inspiration for your website, look no further. The final edition on this list packs a powerful punch. The Chiara Luzzana theme stands out because of how creatively it showcases the musician’s work. Animations, sound, and an interactive User Interface (UI) combine to provide a stunning website design. 

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