Digital marketers and social media managers can leverage the use of chatbots to maximize their organic bot traffic.

A traffic bot is also known as a chatbot and it’s a must-have tool for every business that wants to grow. It’s used to drive traffic to your website by providing real-time customer support, product recommendation, advertising, and marketing.

To gain insights on how their automated traffic bot is working, businesses can use fast traffic bot software. Here’s everything you need to know about traffic bots.

How To Get Started With a Traffic Bot

Chatbot systems are an important part of your business and learning to set them up is critical. Here are steps you must follow if you want to experience the possibilities and benefits they offer.

Define Your Plans

The idea of using chatbots to drive traffic to your business starts by defining your goals. Knowing the purpose you want the chatbots to achieve goes a long way in starting with chatbot systems.

Like any technology, the chatbot must have all the essential features to help with meeting your business goals.

Take your time while defining your goals so that you can make an informed decision. Think about the uses such as;

  • Solving customer service issues
  • Promoting new products
  • Sharing out a poll to gather customer information
  • Setting up interactive ways for your products

Whichever use you go for, make sure that you involve your social media, content marketing, and sales team in the process. This way, you can rest assured that you’re optimizing the use of these chatbots, hence achieving much from it.

Work On The Content Strategy You Want Traffic Bot To Help You With

Since you already have the goals and purpose of the chatbots, you can proceed to create a content strategy with which your chatbot users will interact.

Make sure that you give them a fantastic experience by putting together relevant content.

Here are areas you should consider addressing with traffic bot:

  • Frequently asked questions
  • General questions
  • Purchase information
  • Learning and content opportunities
  • Contact information

When creating the content for your chatbot, keep in mind the most pressing questions your users will have. Ask yourself what questions the customers are most likely to ask the bot then set your content around those areas.

As a result, your customers have reliable channels of information they can turn to whenever they’re interacting with your bot.

Another tip regarding the right content to create is engaging with the customers in detail. It’s possible to do this by asking them open-ended questions on Facebook Messenger.

This way, they’ll provide long-form answers thus giving you the chance to know the pain points you should focus on.

Sometimes you might run out of ideas of the content to create. In such cases, be sure to consult your social media, customer service, sales, and marketing teams. They are in the best position to give pain points, problems, concerns, and frequent questions users have.

Besides, you can go the extra mile to check your external sources for more content ideas. Visit the internet for answers (platforms like Quora are resourceful) and check your social media comments.

It’s also important to assess the existing content to ensure that it meets your goals. That way, you can come up with the best new content for your chatbot users.

Align Your Brand’s Voice With The Bot Experience

As much as you want to drive traffic to your business, you need to remember that adding your voice to the bot counts a lot.

Ensure that the bot is not so generic that your customers have drifted away the moment they start interacting with it. Adding personality and voice to your chatbot not only humanizes the entire experience but also gives the users confidence in your brand.

Some brands have even gone a notch higher by giving their bot a name. Consequently, customers are always aligning every bot experience with the brand. This arrangement also helps the brand maintain transparency while keeping an environment of fun in the interaction.

As a rule of thumb, you must ensure that the brand’s voice is consistent throughout the process. However, the personality shouldn’t overlook the character as the functionality must always remain a priority.

Craft An Engaging Welcome Message

Reaching this step means that the automated traffic bot’s role, purpose, and voice are already set, and it’s now the time to introduce the people into the chat process.

By crafting engaging and responsive welcome messages, you’re sure to catch the users’ attention at a glance. As a result, they will be responsive to you.

Ensure that your welcome messages are compelling, results-driven, personified, and questionable. Doing so allows you to drive tons of traffic to your business.

Come Up With Chatbot Decision Tree

Once you have the welcome message set, your next step is to create your chatbot’s decision tree. You need to create a picture of how the conversation journey will look like.

This is possible by building paths through shapes and arrows found in Google Drawings. The decision tree should have multiple responses to ensure that it satisfies the users’ needs.

Source: Mobilemonkey chatbot

Also, questions keep building from others, so it’s wise to think of responses and the directions they might take. Keep in mind that your conversations should answer your customers at length.

However, if the conversation goes too deep, be sure to consider directing the users to the live representatives.

What’s The Importance Of a Traffic Bot?

There’s no other time for businesses to apply chatbots than now. The tons of benefits that this AI trend brings to the table should be a motivation for every business to adopt it.

Apart from streamlining your users’ shopping experience, chatbots also make it convenient to interact with your business. This happens as a result of the automation and the convenience that they offer.

Here are other benefits that chatbots offer;

1. Save On Your Marketing Budget And Time

The busy world we’re living in today needs us to save big on money and time. By adopting the use of chatbots in your business, you’re cutting down on two important resources- time and money.

Without chatbots, you’ll have to hire people to handle the messages you receive from your customers. This means you’ll spend a lot of money and time to make responses and close deals. Chatbots will help you solve these problems as they save on time and cost.

2. Direct Quality Leads To Your Business

The use of chatbots means that you’re in the best position to gather all the necessary information you’ll need about your customer.

Through the chatbot’s direct messages, you can get as many details as you want so that it’s easier for human agents to solve these users’ problems. However, there’s a way you can qualify the initial interactions to serve the customers better and save time while at it.

Ultimately, the use of chatbots gives the sales team an easy time as they only focus on more quality leads. As a result, they can perform other marketing needsas their workload is reduced by the automation in chatbots.

3. Give Your Customers Unique Experiences

By aligning the chatbot with your brand’s personality, you’re creating a creative and fun way for customers to interact with your business. As a result, you give unique experiences that help you stand out from the competition.

4. They Provide 24/7 Help To Your Customers

Today, most organizations are turning to chatbots at the expense of employees working for them 24/7.

Chatbots are at the forefront of providing solutions in offline and emergencies, thus offering customers round-the-clock support.

The swift answers that chatbots offer in offline and emergency cases provide your customers with an assurance that they matter.

Also, your customers can access the information even when your business is closed. As a result, they can depend on automated responses to make critical decisions in emergency cases.

Traffic bot helps you close more deals as you don’t lose leads to other businesses due to delayed responses. They instead help you narrow down the response time and close the gap of interactions during offline hours.

5. Streamline User Experiences

Think about the times users have bombarded you with questions about your online business. They either reached out to you through your website or Facebook page but you ought not to have provided them with the best information.

Through a chatbot, you can answer these questions at length as it will initialize the conversation with qualifying questions. When your followers stumble on your chatbot, they are in exposure to a wonderful and interactive experience with your business.

What are some of the questions you can ask?

  • What problem are you seeking to solve?
  • How can we help you?
  • What goals do you have?
  • Where are you located?
  • Which industry are you in?
  • What specific products are you interested in?
  • Have you searched the XYZ page of our website for more information?
  • Do you wish to get personal support?

By including the above questions and more personalized ones in your business, you’ll have a great user experience. Furthermore, chatbots are always on set to offer customers they help in learning more about your brand.

Ways You Can Drive Traffic Using Organic Traffic Bot

So, how can you use a chatbot to drive traffic? Find out below.

Use Facebook Comment Guard Chatbot

This essential tool allows you to automate responses to anyone who leaves a comment on your Facebook post. You can strategically convert these commenters into customers if you apply a strategy.

Constant interaction with the chatbot turns these people into Messenger contacts that you can send the follow-ups to.

A Facebook Comment Guard keeps the conversation going by improving what you’ve already started on Facebook. This is a more strategic way of engaging your audience compared to any static post in your Facebook News Feed.

Another way to take advantage of Comment Guard Chatbot is to comment on other people’s stuff. When they comment on your content, your chatbot sends them a private message regarding your business.

It’s also important to set apart a list of trigger words in the comments that help you identify who gets the messages.

Consider Chat Blast Campaigns For Organic Traffic

The good news is that you can use chat blast campaigns to drive traffic to your website. Compared to email marketing, chat blast does a better job as they have high chat open rates than emails.

Facebook Messenger also offers advanced contact segmentation superseding email marketing channels that offer only list contact segmentation.

Advanced audience segmentation enables you to send detailed messages such as a white paper, webinar invitation or newly published guide containing a link to your website.

Having defined the contact attributes, the recipients receive different messages based on their preferences, interests, and demographics.

Drive Organic Traffic Through Traffic Bot Drip Campaign

Using a sequence of automated messages that send relevant links to your website funnel drives tons of organic traffic. Facebook chatbot drip campaigns result in lead generation and more activity time.

It’s, therefore, a method that can be used to sell complex solutions, train leads, and ensure they have a successful onboarding experience.

Apply RSS-Powered Chatbot Blasts

Your RSS feed automatically updates whenever you publish new content on your blog. This feature can be added to your Facebook Chatbot Messenger for your subscribers to get real-time updates.

It also gets your audience to subscribe to your channel to receive notifications on messenger.

RSS-powered chat brings more traffic since they have a higher open and click-through rate. So, an automated RSS-blasting is more preferable to digital channels and email marketing campaigns.

When you have Messenger mobile apps means that your audience can receive quick push notifications on their mobile device.

As a result, your readers have all the updates on new content at their disposal fast enough. Thus, you have the liberty to let your users know what you’re offering at every business stage.

Send Organic Traffic from Your Chatbot Links To Messenger

Applying chatbots in your marketing strategy means you have several perks:

  • Follow-up through messages to anyone who sends a message to your bot
  • Easily set up automated sequence messages that increase leads and convert customers
  • Forward users from your chatbot to any stage in your conversion funnel

To sum it all, when designing a chatbot funnel, realize that you’re targeting to link people to a customized chatbot experience.

For instance, you should consider pointing your users to a certain training resource.

Entertain Your Audience

If you appear all sales and always talking about closing deals, you might lose plenty of customers.

To avoid that, you can turn to entertain your audience with fun facts related to your business so that they can stay engaged on your site. By giving them some laughter and inspiration, rest assured of keeping them for the long term.

Once your potential customers subscribe, they expect resourceful business messages from you in the future.

You can also go out of your way and send them fun facts, business inspirations, and games to entertain them as they enjoy your products. This way, you’ll easily make good use of your chatbots to engage your customers.

Using entertainment in your chatbot is an effective marketing option every business should leverage. However, it’s more effective when your users have the option to opt out.

Use Chatbots To Offer Automated Service For Your Business

If there’s one thing businesses have adopted, it’s the use of mobile apps to automate most of their services. Chatbots automate services for businesses to remain competitive and convenient.

Sephora chatbots accepting makeover bookings

Usually, chatbot automated services are easy to use and streamlined to offer excellent solutions. Furthermore, they help boost your business in terms of the productivity provided high levels of security and safety measures are maintained.

Set Up Scan Codes On Messenger To Access Your Chatbot

Applying scan codes on your Messenger makes it seamlessly easy to access your chatbot. It primarily involves your users scanning a unique scan code that’s a leeway to kick off a conversation with your Messenger chatbot.

It’s a great strategy for businesses like gyms, restaurants, and retail stores, especially in turning leads into chatbot users. Additionally, businesses that interact with potential customers face-to-face can easily introduce scan codes. This way, they can turn customers into traffic to their business.

Scan codes used to access chatbots aren’t difficult to initiate as they can easily be scanned with a camera in the Facebook and Messenger apps.

Since these scan codes can be tricky for some customers, it’s good to teach your customers how to do it.

Be sure to create regular and parametric scan codes for both online and offline marketing campaigns. This way, it’s easy to redirect your leads to your chatbot which in turn increases traffic.

Deploy Social Contests As Chatbots

Chatbots make the process of deploying social contests quick and effective. On top of this, chatbots are a sure way to reach bigger audiences.

For instance, you can automate contests by requesting users to send photos, video, content, or answer questions. The good news is that the chatbot can also do an excellent job of announcing the winners of the social contest.

Include Your Business Chatbot In Messenger’s Discovery Section

Though the Discovery section in Facebook Messenger is only available to US users, it’s still possible to include it in your chatbot’s visibility.

This option allows people and Messenger bots to find nearby places and businesses to contact. It, therefore, supports existing entry points and that includes advertising to Messenger codes, meme links, and plugins.

If you wish to set up your bot, you should go to the Messenger icon on your Facebook page. Settings and browse to the Discover Settings section found at the footer of the page.

Then press the “Set Up” button to initialize where the bot appears. Ensure that you custom make it according to the description on search results. Also, choose your preferred language for the bot to finalize the process.

Build Up Click-To-Messenger-Ads

Click-To-Messenger-Ads are Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger inbox ads that direct people into a conversation with your business on Messenger.

Through the use of Click-to-messenger-ads, businesses can initiate conversations at scale while focusing on Facebook targeting to bring in more leads.

Source: Facebook messenger

Use bots for click to messenger ads

Depending on needs such as lead generation, creating brand awareness, or driving sales, businesses can customize conversations in Messenger to meet their needs. This would highly include bringing business outcomes out of every conversation with the bot.

Incorporate A Messenger Button On Your Website

It might seem obvious to add a Messenger button to your website just as you’ve done social media pages. By adding a Messenger button on your website, you can easily drive more traffic to your Messenger chatbot in a few clicks.

You have two ways to do this as you can either copy and paste an embedded code from Facebook into your landing page or turn to Facebook plugins.

Use Chatbots To Increase Your Email And Subscription Lists

Email lists are an important part of your business and using chatbots to manage and grow them yields impressive results.

So, how can you get new subscribers on your email lists using chatbots?
  • Offer users the chance to subscribe during the chat conversation
  • Offer the existing subscribers the chance to subscribe to your Messenger updates
  • Put in place third-party integrations with a newsletter subscription such as MailChimp
  • Include a button to link people to your website newsletter integration.

Making people use Messenger to get information makes it easier for them thus giving them a friendly user experience.

Why You Should Consider Traffic Bot To Grow Your Business

Using fast traffic bots for your business is a sure way to gain more customers. As such, businesses have leveraged the use of organic traffic bots to realize better user experiences.

Furthermore, the use of automation in business means that you’re offering the convenience needed by customers to close more deals.

As discussed above, there are different ways you should consider applying traffic bot software in the business. Among them is turning to Facebook Messenger code to initiate a conversation with your chatbot users.

You don’t need to wait any longer to use a traffic bot for your website as you already know the benefits you’ll get.

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