With over 4 million visitors per month, Webflow is becoming increasingly popular these days because of its user-friendly and responsive design. 

But there are so many of them that it’s hard to determine which ones are good, which are bad, and which will work within your niche or industry. This article will help you find the best free Webflow templates that will most likely fit your needs, whatever they may be!

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Before we begin, let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions about webflow templates. 

Webflow Templates FAQs

Are There Templates for Webflow?

Yes, you can customize more than 1000 templates from Webflow's library of portfolio, business, blog, and educational themes without specialized coding knowledge.

How Can I Get Free Webflow Templates?

Webflow offers both paid and free templates.

You can find a wide selection of free webflow templates, from simple single-page websites to sophisticated multi-page business websites. These templates are created by webflow and other creative designers. 

How Much Do Webflow 2022 Templates Make?

Webflow offers a diverse range of web themes that can be molded according to your preference. While there are several themes that are available for free, you can also purchase themes with advanced features. The paid themes cost around $40-100

However, you’ll find several free themes with the same advanced features that are offered in a premium package. We have mentioned several such themes in the blog. 

Can You Make a Free Website With Webflow?

You can create and publish two websites on a webflow.io subdomain using Webflow's forever-free plan. But you'll need to subscribe to a premium Site plan if you want to use your own web domain. No credit card is necessary for the free plan, which is free indefinitely.

How to Choose the Right Webflow Template?


Every business needs a different type of website. For instance, the layout and design of an eCommerce store should be different from a blogger's website. 

Therefore,  consider the objective of your website before selecting the webflow template to create your website. This way, you can select the perfect template to market your products, create a website and boost your business.

The Visuals:

Some people prefer a website with vibrant colors, and flashy design, while others are fond of minimalist themes with more space in-between the elements on a page. 

Your brand and personal choice significantly influence this preference. For instance, you would want to create a trendy website selling your graphics t-shirt, while you would want a medical website to look more somber. Plus, the first impression of your website is related to the design 94% of the time.. 


Visitors determine if they like your website in roughly 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds), at which point they decide whether to stay on it or abandon the site.

This means that your website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate.


Do you know that mobile devices have generated around 58.99% of website traffic globally?

This means that most of the visitors to your website are mobile users. Therefore, while choosing a template, selecting one that looks good on a desktop and all devices is important.  

In fact, the top reason why users abandon a website, according to 73.1% of web designers, is a non-responsive design.

Top 26 Free Webflow Templates

UX/UI Portfolio

UX/UI Portfolio is one of the best webflow templates designed exclusively for UI/UX designers by @madisenfedo. The designer cloned the original website - an actual portfolio site - and turned it into a template for the Webflow Community. 

Source: Webflow

UX/UI Portfolio is a minimalist design with lots of space between the elements, a multi-page layout with featured work. It also has an interactive  Contact Form and an About page. The templates include individual project pages with beautiful highlights of the previous projects.

If you're developing your design portfolio, be sure to look at this template.

Portfolio Website

It is a visually appealing portfolio template created by @DesignPilot. Portfolio website is a one-page free webflow templates portfolio consisting of a navbar that scrolls down to different page sections when clicked. Unlike several bold templates that are complicated and challenging to navigate, this template is very user-friendly.

Source: Webflow

Numerous portions of the template can be copied and pasted into different pages of your website. The dark-mode design is ideal for web developers who favor a clean yet bold design with grid-style layouts to showcase their skills and talent. You can also find a Contact form at the bottom of the page.


If you're looking for a free template for your fitness website, Fitnesso is a great option for you. 

Source: Webflow

Fitnesso is considered one of the best webflow templates. The template has a color scheme and font combination appropriate for a fitness website. You can include all the information about your company and give potential clients a sense of what you do.

You can also provide the clients with bundles and discounts to market your business and boost your business’s growth. 

Indi Harris 

Like UX/UI Portfolio, Indi Harris is one of the free webflow templates portfolio. Indi Harris is a simple, one-page portfolio design that provides viewers with the required information with an easy-to-navigate user interface. 

Source: Webflow

With a beautiful typeface, a clean one-page layout, and a sleek hero section with a headshot, it's an excellent template to showcase your creativity to potential clients. 


MODULAR is the perfect option for you if you're looking for a template to develop an online shopping website. 

Source: Webflow

The designer @itsjohnnie developed MODULAR, a complete Webflow Ecommerce web template. This e-commerce template provides a complete website with individual product pages, a personalized shopping cart, and product category pages. It also has an email CTA that allows you to gather data from existing and future clients.

This is a wonderful option if you're just getting started with Webflow Ecommerce and need a free template. With a sleek grid-style homepage and email subscription CTA, among other features, the website is sure to entice visitors to make a purchase.


Covilla is a free cloneable CMS template perfect for your travel agency's website. It is a highly responsive webflow template that can be easily navigated on every device.

Source: Webflow

The header features an eye-catching image that instantly captivates the visitor.

With an interactive homepage and several unique and dynamic features that make navigating the website feel breezy, Covilla is a great choice to expand your company's reach. 

Halal Lab

If you want to make a good impression on your customer, your ecommerce store must reflect your brand's identity. 

Do you know that 24% of small retail enterprises have attributed the lack of a website to zero knowledge of creating one? Luckily, webflow offers various templates that create a website within a few minutes. 

Source: Webflow

Developed by @halallab, Halal Lab is an online store template specifically designed for small enterprises. The template's design radiates a fun and energetic vibe that draws the visitor in. . It has a lively, vibrant, and exciting homepage with cutting-edge graphics.

Although it is only a homepage, Halal Lab is a fantastic place to begin an online store for your small business. The page designs, graphics, and user interface inspire users to kickstart their sophisticated website.


Do you want to develop a website to promote your coffee shop business?

Source: Webflow

With the help of the free CoffeeStyle webflow template, you can quickly develop a top-notch online store to sell your company's products. With a clean, minimal, and sleek design, CoffeStyle provides you with an excellent online starting point for a business that relies heavily on high-quality featured images. 

Also, you can add a blog to the website to enhance the SEO and incorporate a part to display the company’s products. This makes the template ideal for any type of business.


Whether you’re writing a personal blog or want to share your recipe with the world, you need a responsive website to reach more audiences. This is where Reader comes in! 

Source: Webflow

Reader is a sophisticated webflow blogger’s website theme and UI kit made by Elastic Themes Reader is one of the free webflow templates Reddit.

The template provides users with numerous design options that can be combined to create a whole website. This way, the template can be used more like a UI kit.

It includes all of the features you'd expect from a blogging website, including spaces for display ads or promotions, sponsorships, and e-newsletter subscriptions. Plus, the template is designed to enhance the article-reading experience to another degree. 

If you use Webflow and want to develop a classy blog that you can monetize, This design is definitely one to check out. 


Terminal is a webflow template that is an excellent option for businesses to market their services to a larger audience. 

Source: Webflow

You can edit, modify and customize the template according to your preference. This way, you can establish the brand's identity in the most favorable way possible. Terminal is a sleek, moody template that is perfect for your mobile-friendly business. 

You can effectively showcase the products and services on the dark website template with responsive navigation and a retina-ready display. 


ToyStore is a vivid, colorful, and dynamic webflow ecommerce template for your small business. 

Take advantage of the vivid colors to create a stunning visual website. You can add your products and combine elements to establish your online retail store.

Source: Webflow

Additionally, you can use Webflow CMS's power to add, edit and modify your blog entries, sections, and commodities. The entire construction is set up and prepared to use. The ToyStore template is filled with lovely animations, giving users an enjoyable, user-friendly experience. 

The template is customizable, with a plethora of animations and graphics to make the website visually appealing. 


The @Flowout team designed the Rocket one-page landing page template. This creative, eye-catching, and easy-to-use template can instantly give life to your brand and increase conversions. 

Source: Webflow

Although it's designed to be a one-page template, it can easily be developed into a more complex webpage.

With a comprehensive pricing section and grid-style professional layout design, Rocket is a functional, responsive, and user-friendly template that will undoubtedly boost your business and convert leads into clients. The template employs a BEM naming system for CSS classes, which are obvious and easy to modify to fit your needs.  


MailMaker is first in our ranking of free SaaS templates. This SaaS website template, created by @bmichaelgroff, is excellent for any startup or tech enterprise looking to rapidly get a design up without spending hundreds of dollars. 

Source: Webflow

Despite being only one page, the template offers you a wide variety of CTAs for adding new pages that may be connected to the home page. You can quickly connect your web application or use Memberstack to generate user logins thanks to the "Login" and "Sign up" sections in the navigation bar.

The template has a clean, contemporary pricing section and is very SEO-optimized. A guidebook is also provided for your assistance.


Do you have a blog with multiple authors? Escape is the perfect option for you! 

The template has several advanced built-in features that make collaborative writing seamless among multiple authors. Once you've finished writing, you can easily categorize your posts to keep your website organized.

Source: Webflow

Escape is a straightforward yet adaptable blog template. Bloggers, artists, and photographers will love it because of its simple, content-driven design. This isn't your typical blog design. The Webflow CMS was used to construct this template. This means that zero coding is required to build the website. 

The homepage is relatively simple and easy to navigate. With a large header image followed by categories, the homepage features recent and featured posts to make the experience of article-reading enjoyable.


As a musician, you need a website for information about your music. Plus, you need a dynamic platform to share details about your planned tours, records, tickets, and a way for potential clients to reach out to you for future gigs. 

Source: Webflow

However, creating a website could seem like a challenge to you. Thanks to Webflow, Method is a responsive webflow template you can use to create a website for free without any specialized technical knowledge. 

Method has a gallery to show off high-quality photographs, a banner image to amaze the clients, and separate pages to share concert dates and albums. It is fully loaded with cutting-edge features and a comprehensive CMS.


Another unique SaaS website template is splash, one of the free webflow templates Reddit.. This multi-page template is one of many that could easily be purchased, but the designer, @RevenueDesign, is offering it for free. 

Source: Webflow

With eight essential website pages, several content design patterns, copywriting guidelines, and more, Splash provides you with everything you need to launch a unique, highly functional website in just one day.

You can seamlessly integrate different web pages among different sections of this template's pages to make a completely new and distinctive website. A website template with a tonne of customizing options is called Splash. Webflow CMS can construct a blog homepage with individual article pages. In addition, a pricing page in the templates allows you to switch 


Developed by @Finsweet, Client-first is a free business/startup webflow website template designed for software and tech firms. This template includes a complete website. As a result, you will receive advanced features that are included in the premium templates package, including features for the homepage, pricing page, blog, etc. 

Source: Webflow

This template's major feature is that it includes a set of guidelines and best practices for developing neat, structured, and adaptable Webflow websites. 

Client-first markets your projects well in the industry by using clearly defined classes. To increase accessibility and responsiveness, the template even makes use of REM units. The template has a sleek and modern design that is appropriate for both beginners and specialists.


Want to create a website for your home decor and accessories company? Mariela is an excellent option for you. 

Source: Webflow

The gentle color palette in this free website templates exudes a calm and tranquil vibe. This webflow template allows you to draw attention to the goods you are offering. 

You can utilize Mariela, a free webflow eCommerce template, for your upcoming endeavor. The template comes with a great design, top-notch features, and complete E-Commerce capabilities, an all-in-one package for you to get started.  

Want to make changes to the template? The templates are completely customizable without any code. Plus, it includes several features, such as:

  • Highly responsive design that works on every device. 
  • Contact forms
  • Global font colors
  • Retina-supported multi sections design
  • Utility pages
  • Page interactions


WordPress themes are well-known for their beautiful designs and versatility. Therefore, Manka is one to check out if you're a fan of WordPress blog themes. 

Source: Webflow

This template, created by @taylerodea, is modeled after a WordPress theme (as mentioned by the designer). With multiple page layouts and a CTA for a newsletter, it's an easy-to-understand blog template. 

Manka is an excellent template if you want to expand beyond a conventional blog site, build a professional blogger’s reputation, and monetize the blog. This is because this template is equipped with several advanced features, such as an easy-to-read article page with newsletter CTA to gain email subscribers, usually in a premium package. 


Do you want to launch new products and excite the target audience? Use Momentum to create visual landing pages, and share your products with the world!

Source: Webflow

Momentum is one of the free website templates for business. It is regarded as one of the greatest free webflow templates for creating an online store for your company and kickstarting your online business. 

Utilizing the landing pages included in the template, you can effectively introduce your most recent products and draw the visitor’s attention to them. The website captivates visitors with lively animations, brilliant colors, and playful typefaces.

Plus, the template is completely customizable. You can pick and choose among a wide range of global swatches to find the one that suits your style. 


Website templates put many people off because of their flashy colors, quirky typography, and ultra-modern theme. But the good news is that webflow offers many templates, and you can suit one that fits your taste. 

Source: Webflow

One such user-friendly template is iWrite. @LizzieKevanCurtis developed the free iWrite Webflow blog template so users can create a beautiful blogging site for free. 

Marketed as “A blog for picture haters”, the template has an easy-to-use, straightforward design that utilizes the Webflow CMS and features a fun animation when you click on the hamburger menu. Plus, the design is responsive and has basic interaction. 

Anyone who enjoys writing but doesn't want to waste valuable time looking for stock photos for the blog will benefit greatly from this design. The template allows the focus to be exclusively on writing because it doesn't prioritize being flashy or having a lot of graphics.


When it comes to creating a fashion store, you need to create one that matches your style and brand's identity and gives your audience a high-end experience. 

Source: Webflow

Fre is one of the free webflow templates for a fashion website that checks all the right boxes. It features a sleek, minimal design. 

Visitors browsing a fashion website tend to be put off by dull and boring imagery. Spice up the website with stunning graphics and visuals, so potential clients continue to browse it. You can also create a blog and online store to advertise your services and delve into digital marketing with highly SEO-optimized blogs

Fre offers basic interactions, is highly responsive, and includes several advanced features to establish a top-notch online store. These features include, 

  • Sticky or standard header type 
  • Fully responsive across all devices
  • Customizable contact form
  • CMS product pages
  • Clean code 
  • Ultimate startup pack for a landing page 
  • Compatible with major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE11+


You've put a lot of effort into your application, and you're now preparing to share it with the world. However, you have already invested significant time and money in the software. You might not want to spend any more money on designing, developing, or hiring a specialist to create a fascinating website for you.

Source: Webflow

This is where Space comes to your rescue. Space is a free webflow template specifically designed to launch software applications and products. 

With the help of this template, you can create a website for your app and inform users of all the features and available subscription plans. The templates include a vibrant color scheme, retina-ready visuals, and a completely responsive design, allowing mobile users to easily navigate the website and discover more about the program

Relume Cloneable

So your agency has finally decided to establish its presence digitally! However, you're unsure of where to begin.  Look no further! 

This Relume Cloneable agency website template was developed by the Relume.io team and is an excellent option for Webflow agencies.

Source: Webflow

The template has a contemporary style integrated with a timeline for timely project deliveries. It also has a brilliant portfolio of work that uses a Figma embed. This way, you can effectively illustrate your website-building and development skills to clients. Additionally, clear and functional, their pricing section offers a lot of value.

With a comprehensive FAQ section, a trendy page-loading animation, and an elegant design, any freelancer or company in the web design and development industry would benefit greatly from this template. 


Like iWrite, Moon is a free webflow template specifically designed for users who don't want to indulge in complicated web design templates. 

Moon is a pretty straightforward template following a somber and minimalist black-and-white theme. With its simple, clean, and straightforward design, you can create and operate your blog without hassle. 

Source: Webflow

The template does not require flashy images, graphics, and in-your-face illustrations. It follows the let your words speak motto to convey the message. This indicates that the text you add to your website is the main focus. It can be a great choice for anyone establishing a blog or wanting to run an educational website for visitors to read.


If you're looking for a versatile, multipurpose template, then Velocity is worth the look. 

Velocity is one of the most popular free website templates for businesses. You can establish your business's digital presence, promote your brand, and highlight your services and products. With the help of SEO-rich material, you can also use blogging to promote the growth of your business.

Source: Webflow

You can use Velocity to power up your next creative project and take advantage of Webflow's modern interactions, capabilities, and sleek design.

Key Takeaway

Choosing the right Webflow template can be a daunting task. So many free Webflow templates are available that it may feel overwhelming to sift through all the options. That's why we have curated the list of the best free webflow templates for your business. 

You can also hand over the responsibility to a webflow designer or development agency like 128.digital and hire them to build a visually-appealing website. Request a quote today!

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