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Mantaro is a global-scale company that specializes in acquiring high-potential direct-to-consumer (D2C) and marketplace brands. Founded by a team of e-commerce experts and entrepreneurs with a legacy of success, Mantaro is headquartered in Munich, Germany with a presence in Boston, Massachusetts. Leveraging its extensive expertise in e-commerce, Mantaro acquires brands and works to take them to the next level. The company's strategic focus is on specific product verticals, which allows it to leverage its resources and knowledge to build a strong, scalable business model.

Mantaro's proprietary TAROX tech platform is a key part of its approach. By utilizing this platform, the company is able to unlock long-term value for its acquired brands. The platform helps to streamline operations, optimize supply chain management, and improve customer engagement and retention.

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The client wanted a website that effectively communicated their experience in acquiring and growing businesses. To emphasize the importance of the website being visually appealing and user-friendly to attract potential sellers.

In addition, Mantaro company required a website that was search engine optimized to increase their online reach and expand their customer base. Lastly, they sought a website that could adapt to their evolving business needs while maintaining its functionality.

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Our approach to web development and web design is focused on the customer experience. We start by getting to know our clients and their customers, so we can create a website that truly resonates with their target audience. From there, we use cutting-edge technology and design principles to create a website that is visually stunning and easy to use. We also optimize each website for search engines, to help businesses like Mantaro Brands reach more customers and grow their online presence.

To achieve the client's goals, 128 digital created a clean and modern website design with a focus on bold typography and vibrant imagery. The site's design elements were carefully chosen to highlight Mantaro's key messages and value proposition. The site's responsive design ensures that it looks great on any device.



We worked closely with Mantaro Brands to create a custom web development and web design solution that met all of their needs. Our team of expert designers and developers created a sleek, modern website that is easy to navigate and visually stunning.

Overall, the web development and design solution provided by 128 Digital successfully met Mantaro Brands' needs, reflecting their brand and effectively communicating their message to their target audience.

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